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Pressure Washing in Maryland


Since 1985, TS Pressure Washing & Deck Restorations, LLC has been restoring decks for home owners in their entirety, chemically restoring brick, concrete, flagstone and siding for a better exterior appearance for customers in and around Montgomery County, MD.  Former owner, Ted Sabaté-TS, is educated in wood restorations, and asked his brother, Kurt, to join his business in 2001 after he retired from the culinary field after 25+ years.  Though Ted has since retired from the pressure washing business, Kurt continues to make his business flourish and grow by gaining customer satisfaction and a positive reputation he has earned over the past 14 years.  Kurt has taken the pressure washing-deck restoration business to another level.

Kurt has since purchased the business from his brother and has become a “Certified Wood Restoration Specialist”.  Kurt is currently taking old, neglected, 25-30 year old decks, and restoring them to their own natural beauty at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  As a former Executive Chef, details are just one of his many attributes in his business.

Pressure washing should not be a vigorous process, but must be done appropriately with the same materials used since 1985. The right chemicals, in the right hands, can make a big difference.  Kurt is still using the same chemicals and materials Ted used when he started in 1985, providing incredible results and minimal maintenance.  All chemicals and materials are biodegradable and Earth

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