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Deck Restoration

At TSPW&DR we have been using the same Earth-friendly chemicals since 1985.  We use only the best materials for all different types of wood.  Same goes with the different pressure washing machines.  Each machine I have, and I have 3 of them on hand at all times, has a different purpose. There is a BIG misconception about using chemicals on the wood and I’m here to set the record straight.

Most other companies choose not to spend the money on chemicals and quality materials because they are costly. Then they end up using more pressure ruining the wood fibers and raising the grain. Because of this, you will never walk barefoot on your deck, again.  I restore decks like this ALL the time.  Other companies are keeping me in business by simply doing a project they’re not experts in.  Handymen and painters are literally keeping me in business by doing such things.

At TSPW&DR I go the extra distance.  I use less pressure, all the right strippers-chemicals to remove years-decades of old sealers and the correct acids to neutralize the wood. Most of you have never heard of “strippers & acids.”

My stripper, acid and sanding procedure:

We have used a stripper called “Fast Finish Remover” and “Strip It All” for over 30 years and it is still the best way to strip a deck. The chemical burns off the old sealer(s), in a liquid form, so I can use less pressure when removing the old sealer(s).

Once the deck is stripped of the old sealer(s), I follow up by hammering all the nails back into place & sanding all the necessary areas but most importantly, the floors and top handrails.  Upon the completion of those steps I’ll then neutralizing the wood and bring the pH back to normal, using “Oxalic Acid”.  If the deck is not done in this order, you will not get the results I deliver, which are stunning. My portfolio and testimonials will prove my point.

There are other types of strippers that take different kinds of paints and harder acrylic’s off their surfaces, but for now I’ll stick with these procedures. They have never let me down, ever.

With over 25 years of expertise in cost effective restoration solutions, our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best wood restoration service ANYWHERE around.

Owner Kurt Sabaté has taken Deck Restoration to a whole new level.  His clientele is willing to go to HIS extremes to have their existing decks restored to its original like new look.

Our Deck Restoration Services include the following:

  • Having a “Certified Wood Restoration Specialist” on site and at every project.
  • All materials are Earth Friendly, environmentally safe & biodegradable.
  • Experts in working with a wide spectrum of woods including: Eastern Redwood Cedar, Pressure Treated Pine, Ipé Brazilian hardwood, Teak, Mahogany and more.