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Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing


Since 1985 our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best pressure washing and restoration service in the area. Currently we have an A+ rating with the “BBB” and have been a member for many-many years. With reference by the hundreds and testimonials that are flattering, there is just nothing better than taking an old neglected deck or fence and restoring it to its most natural like new look possible.

Total deck restoration is very similar to restoring interior wood furniture. All the stripping, sanding and preserving the wood takes time and can’t be rushed. Your deck in my hands is a win-win situation.

Our Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Services Include:

Brick, Flagstone and Concrete: Chemically spraying these areas, by hand, will eliminate all the algae and mold spores that’s been there for decades and have that fresh bold new look again.  Pressure washing alone WILL NOT eliminate the spores and you are wasting your time and most importantly, your money.

Trex & Composite Decking:

Extra care is needed when cleaning these different materials and we have all the knowledge, experience and materials to do just that.  You can’t over pressure wash these composite materials or they WILL be destroyed and I’ve seen it done and irreversible.

Your Siding:

Most people are inclined to replace their existing siding due black streaks, algae and or mold problems that are quite evident to the naked eye.  In most cases all they need is the right chemical wash, by me, saving you THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of dollars.  I use the same chemical wash as used in all my mold and algae removal projects.

The same can be done to your roof shingles.  Where most people replace the shingles, I encourage you not to.  In most cases it’s algae and mold that needs to be eliminated.

Different water sources:

Because not everyone runs off of city water, TSPW&DR has different types of machines, tips and pressure hoses for well water and city water.  Other companies will not ask you where your water comes from and probably don’t care.  Not knowing this sort of information can destroy a well pump quickly.  We care!!!