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Flipping Your Deck

TS Pressure Washing & Deck Restorations, LLC can recycle your current wood by “Flipping Your Deck”. Owner Kurt Sabaté will literally turn over the existing damaged-exposed wood and restore-preserve the underside creating an astonishing finished product. If that’s what your deck warrants, the saving can be in the thousands. By “recycling” your existing deck it provides continuity & character in the wood grain and making a near perfect match with the remaining vertical wood. The entire joist, posts and cross beams will remain untouched.

Owner Kurt Sabaté is a “Certified Wood Restoration Specialist” and is involved in every project from estimate to invoice.  Kurt’s hands on will provide you with a service no other companies will go to the extremes and do.  Yes, flipping your deck is somewhat labor intensive, but the results just can’t be beat.  Teflon coated screws will secure the wood, not nails. Today’s wood is not like the wood used 15-20-30 years ago.  Older wood still has allot of life left in it, if just put into my hands.

“With over 25 years of experience, our commitment to excellence and YOUR satisfaction has earned us the reputation as the best wood restoration company in the State of Maryland.”

Flipping your deck includes the following process:

Recycle – By using your existing decking and literally flipping it over, matching the existing wood.

Replacement – Of any wood which may be damaged-rotted or unsafe and securing with Teflon coated screws.

Restoration – (After flipping) Your deck will be restored & preserved for many decades at a fraction of the cost.

My trained team & I are here to provide the best quality service & restore your deck at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Our experience, dedication and personal customer service, since 1985, has given my company the reputation it has earned. I firmly believe in details and presentation, as I did back in my culinary days, and I will deliver the same to your exterior restorations.

Ways to “Restore” your current deck for a fraction of the cost of replacing it:

  1. The most typical way we restore your deck is by using the “correct” methods we’ve been using for 30 years. By chemically stripping all the old sealer-stains off without using high pressure or destroying the wood in the process.
  2. Then I’ll apply and acid detergent which will neutralize the wood and give it that deep clean it desperately needs and give it the raw look you haven’t seen in many years or decades.
  3. I will then follow up with hammering down all the nails that have popped up over the years and or screw them down with Teflon coated screws.  Once those few steps are completed, here comes the interesting part, NOBODY is doing:  I will actually sand your deck surface and top handrails, using my custom build floor sander, for FREE.  I have made more clients happy by simply sanding there floors.  Not all floors will be baby smooth but they will be smoother than you expect.  Once all that preparation has been completed, I will then apply my sealer-stain, Ready Seal Preservative.  There is nothing better out there on the market and I’ve never had a complaint or issue with this sealer-preservative.  I will apply as much sealer as the wood will absorb, period.  No one out there is applying as much sealer as I do, no one.

If our stripping doesn’t warrant your particular project, either because the wood has been neglected and / or has been weather beaten beyond saving, we will flip the deck boards over and only if the boards are flippable.  This process is VERY labor intensive, but worth the investment.  We are also recycling instead of using unnecessary new wood.  All the nails will be pulled out by hand and all the deck boards will be flipped over and used.  Not every board is able to be flipped, based on how it was cut and or previously installed.

Since the underside decking has never been used or seen the daylight before & now it will be flipped and exposed, it will be baby smooth.  This flipping can also apply to the top handrails if they were cut correctly when built.  Once the flipping is completed and all the boards are secured with Teflon coated screws, NOT NAILS, the deck will then undergo my Oxalic Acid wash all my decks receive.  Then the same sealer-preservative will be applied, Ready Seal Preservative.

Most of the decks I’m flipping are 30-35 year old decks.  These decks were going to be demoed to the ground by other deck building companies until my company came up with the idea of recycling your deck.  It has been VERY popular and the results are stunning.